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Julie Banâtre
M: juliebanatre

+33 (0)9 82 32 90 57

Lucie Touya
M: lucietouya

+33 (0)6 11 74 92 97

Christopher Yggdre
M: christopheryggdre

+33 (0)6 58 26 05 93

L'Agence à Paris was founded in 2014 by Lucie Touya and Christopher Yggdre.

Our office :
L'Agence à Paris
121, rue de Charonne
75011 Paris


L'Agence à Paris is conceived as an innovative answer to the mutation of cultural economies. Its clients are artists and creatives from every field of Arts (litterature, visual arts, design and fashion design, performing arts, cinema) and from all countries.

L'Agence à Paris serves as an agent, in the broad sense of the term. We work closely with artists, providing artistic, strategic, political, legal or administrative support, as well as looking for additional funding for their projects.

L'Agence à Paris also takes into consideration the social status of the artist in order to develop long-term strategies for artistic creative independance, in concertation and dialog with institutional and private partners.

L'Agence à Paris answers the needs of artists, creatives, private and public organizations. This service is based on the expertise of its founders and collaborators, relating to the programmation, communication and administration of cultural and patronal activities.