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Christopher Yggdre
M: christopheryggdre

+33 (0)6 58 26 05 93

Julie Banâtre
M: juliebanatre

+33 (0)6 15 94 77 05

Léa Perier Loko
M: leaperier

+33 (0)6 72 14 26 28

Our office :
L'Agence à Paris
121, rue de Charonne
75011 Paris

L’Agence à Paris represents artists from around the globe, mainly in the field of visual arts, by providing support in all the various stages of creation. L’Agence has conceived a unique and flexible model in response to the rapidly changing economies of creation, engendering reflection and action so as to create sound relations with the art market. One of the particularities of l’Agence its desire to embrace the artistic and creative regions historically isolated but nonetheless essential to the elaboration of new creative vision.